Vieques. A place you have either never heard of or one you are eagerly planning to return to. The perfect destination for one of my favorite types of travel.  The kind where you drive aimlessly and stop and explore.  In this case, beaches with no one else there, narrow jungle roads, and small towns.  It is not the ideal vacation location for people who need to be entertained.  But if sunrises, jungles, surprisingly great food, and an occasional (ok, one) termite swarm are your thing, then you'll be in heaven.

Each morning, I sprinted up the damp concrete stairs of our modernist airbnb, waiting for the sun to come up and turn the jungle into thousand different shades of green, greedily slurping my coffee and shooting film.  After rambling around, afternoons were the time to float in the pool with pouches of rum punch.  

The whole island was so come-as-you-are. Even in the coolest restaurants like El Blok, it was way more common to be wearing a bathing suit than not. My sweatiness and frizz and flip flops didn't phase people - a true no judgment zone!