Hi, I'm Marcy.

On a family road trip from Maine to Alaska (yes, it is far, and no, you shouldn't try it with your family), my mom taught me how to use her film camera, and you guessed it, I did not want to learn.  More specifically, I didn't want to be taught.   So many rules!  Somewhere between the end of the Linda Ronstadt tape and Wyoming, I had a change of heart.  Many rolls of ruined film and childhood rebellion in the past, I found the look I was after - fun, real, occasionally a little dramatic.

I live in Boston with my husband Dan, two pitbull mixes and two cats. 

I have moderately hypothetical plans that include goats, but that will have to wait for more land and Dan to have a partial lobotomy.  

I used to be a corporate lawyer.  This is much better, I'm glad we're meeting now.

Currently and always plotting my next trip.  Next:  Istanbul!

Anything else?  say hi, marcy@marcyrolerson.com