Emily and Chris - Portsmouth Wedding at Wentworth by the Sea

I had never really considered New Hampshire as a possible location for glamour until Emily and Chris (aka the young Kennedy lookalikes) showed me the way.  Having known each other since high school, there was no division between sides of families or whose friend is whose.  They even went to prom together and looked the same then.  Hi, I want your genes.

Even when the weather was not completely cooperative, only Emily's gorgeous Romona Keveza was a bit dampened, but not anyone's spirits.   If you're the type of person who isn't bothered to walk out onto a slippery pier in the drizzle while wearing formal wear- you're my type of person.

When we got back to the Wentworth by the Sea ballroom, Nightshift made sure everyone was warmed up.

Pw:  EMandOB2016