Amelia and Max - San Francisco and Yosemite Elopement

Amelia and Max - San Francisco and Yosemite Elopement

After every wedding I get to be a part of, I am struck by how amazing it is that I have been let in to such an intimate and special day in peoples' lives.  It's a level of giddyness I'll never get over and gratitude that, despite my best efforts, I never feel that I've properly conveyed to the people who invited me to be there.  

These feelings get magnified times a million when your friends let you be the only person to witness their elopement.  Then times a bajillion that they chose San Francisco and Yosemite as the backdrop.  And they let you make stops for hotdogs and keychains at the national park gift shop?  Pretty unparalleled coolness.

After their ceremony at city hall, we explored the sutro baths before road tripping out to Far Meadow.  In an epically twisty and barf-inducing (but totally worth it) drive, you are rewarded with a cabin and two a-frames set on a mountain meadow.  Getting ready for the wedding consisted of a quick round of Boggle, a complete breakfast, and heading to the car for the drive to Yosemite.  We came across a secluded part of the Merced river, perfect for a private exchange of vows, and then wound our way up to Glacier Point for a hike for views out over the whole valley.  A perfect, whistle-stop NorCal tour.  

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