Holly and Austin - Portland Westin Harborview Wedding Photography

My job never really feels like a job, but then there are days when I meet the happiest, most at ease people, and I can't believe I get to hang out with them for the whole day, let alone have it be "work".  I knew these fellow Colby alums were going to be cool, and combined with awesome friendors Meghan (B Merry) and Emily (Emily Carter Floral Designs) I knew it was going to look beautiful and be smooth sailing.

Holly and Austin immediately let me pretend like I was part of the family (my favorite!), we worked around a crazy mid-afternoon downpour, and then it was off to the Maine Irish Heritage Center for the ceremony where everyone in attendance simultaneously got something in their eyes.  

After pulling off an epic a capella surprise, Austin and Holly didn't leave the dance floor all night.  Just as I expect from Colby kids!