Vivienne and Louis

Amanda got in touch wanting to get a few pictures of her daughter, Vivienne, and yorkie, Louis.  It was my first trip to World's End in Hingham, but definitely not my last - this place has it all!  Although I have no firsthand knowledge of how long it takes to get a 2 year-old ready for a photo shoot, I felt Amanda and Marcus's pain when Vivienne IMMEDIATELY tripped and got dirt on her pristine white coat!  No tears, no injuries (low bar - we aim to please), and we were off to the races.

Amanda's genius was on full display as she had come prepared with treats that worked for both kid and pup (and photographer - don't judge - those biscuity things are delicious)!

Although we kept the focus on the two stars, I couldn't resist a few pictures of the whole family.  

Once everyone was tuckered out and loaded up in the car, I stayed on to see if there was an acceptable sunset view.  Check!