Sam, Galen, Meeko and Mark

Anyone who wants to include their dog and their cat in their pictures for their save-the-date is absolutely someone I should be working with.  With expert cat-wrangler (Sam's mom) in tow, brave kitty Meeko was a star, and I think we got what we needed in the first 10 minutes, but there was no way I was letting Sam, Galen and Mark away with that when we were in such a beautiful park.

Mark (all 6 lbs of him!) even got a chance to herd a flock of geese.  Yes.

We got to explore the rest of the park once Mark was tuckered out and were treated to some stunning late afternoon light.

Although Galen was told the pictures would mostly focus on the animals, these two are basically models, I mean look at them!! 

Congrats again Sam and Galen!